1. What is a kids clothing consignment store?

A kids clothing consignment store is a shop where parents can sell gently used children's clothing, and other parents can purchase these items at a discounted price.

2. How does consignment work?

Parents bring in their children's clothes, and Minissentials sells them. Once sold, Minissentials & the owner (consignor) share the proceeds. The consignor will be paid 40% of the selling price of each item.

3. What types of clothing do you accept?

We accept gently used children's clothing, including shirts, pants, dresses, outerwear, and shoes. Items should be in excellent condition with no stains or significant wear. Brands we love include; Aviator Nation, Free City, Nununu, Bobo Choses, Mini Rodini, Stella Mccartney, Chaser, Munster, California Vintage, Firehouse, Katie J, Malibu Sugar, Vintage Havana, Flowers by Zoe, Rowdy Sprout, Essentials, Madhappy, Lululemon, TNA, Psycho Bunny, Roller Rabbit, 1+ In The Family, Bonpoint, Bonton, and designer items ( Moncler, Burberry, Gucci, Canada Goose etc.) 

4. Is there an age or size limit for clothing?

We usually accept clothing for children from newborn to around 14 years old, and we even accept women's sizes for brands like; Free City & Aviator Nation! Please note, based on volume we are not always accepting certain ages.

 5. How do I prepare items for consignment?

Please freshly launder your items and neatly fold your items. Ensure they meet our quality standards. Shoes will not be accepted if they are not clean. Before making a consignment appointment, your items must be pre-approved. Get in touch via instagram @minissentials or email: hello@minissentials.ca

6. What is the pricing structure?

Your items are priced using data, market trends, and expertise. The item's condition, brand, and original price are considered when determining the selling price.

7. How and when do I get paid for sold items?

Consignors can request payout at their own convenience on our website using the 'request payout' form. Consignors can only request one payout per month. If a consignor does not request payout in a given month, their balance will continue to carry over to the following month(s). Consignor must generate at-least $100 in sales for a cheque. Once consignors request payout, if sales are atleast $100 a cheque will be written to be picked up in store. If sales are below $100, you may use it as a credit in store towards a new purchase! We recommend allowing 2-3 months once you drop off your items to request your first item as it can take 2-3 weeks to get your items prepared for the floor and online!

8. What happens to items that don't sell?

Minissentials does a very good job curating the items their customers want. We believe if your item has been accepted onto our sales floor, it is deemed as a desired item, so we believe it can exist forever!! If Minissentials determines they are no longer desired to their customers, unsold items may be returned to the consignor or donated to charity after 1 year. There is a 3-6 month hold period where a consignor cannot have their items returned once dropped off. 

9. Can I track my sales?

Minissentials logs all sales on a portal. Periodic statements will be provided to consignors at their request with payout.

10. Do you accept toys or accessories or baby gear?

Please check in with us on the gear, accessories or toys you are looking to sell and we will consider them.

11. What is your return policy in store?

All purchases are final sale. We DO NOT issue refunds. We are happy to exchange the item for store credit within 1 weeks of purchase if it's still in the same condition as purchased ( or original tags) if purchased with tags.

12. Is there a minimum number of items to consign with Minissentials?

Yes, we have a 15 item minimum policy, unless it is a item with a resale value of $100 or more, we will consider the item with zero minimum.

13. What happens once I drop my stuff off for consignment?

Every item accepted will get logged in our portal as your inventory list. This will be sent over to you within 1-2 weeks of drop off. Your items will then be identified as yours with a retail tag with your 'unique identifier code'.... after that, the magic of Minissentials sales begins! From photographing to shipping, we do all the work for you!

14. How long can I expect to receive my online order?

Due to the large volume of online orders, you can expect it to take up to 5 business days for your order to get processed. We highly recommend coming to visit our store for your next shop!

15. Does online represent your full range of items?

No! If you want the best chance at finding what you're looking for, visit our store! We are constantly putting new items on the floor, as such, customers will typically purchase an item in store before it has even been listed online!