About me

I've always had a good eye. I can find a treasure on sale in every department store from a mile away. When it comes to kids clothing, i'm obsessed! 

Exploring the world of kids' clothing is a fun adventure filled with vibrant colors, adorable designs, and an endless sense of imagination. Each tiny garment holds the promise of creating cherished memories and capturing the essence of childhood innocence! Buying pre-loved clothing is a delightful journey into a world where fashion meets sustainability and saves you money!

Hi, I'm Sam- wife to a Toronto Pizza Superstar, Mom to two boys, and a dog. 

I'm here to make it easy for all of you to find the brands you love at affordable prices.

The best part about my job is hanging with other moms in my store and getting to know you all.

Visit my incredible showroom, I promise it's full of great treasures I have curated with the help of my incredible consignors!