Curbside Pickup available! Free shipping on Canadian orders $200+


  1. Minissentials only accepts items that are CLEAN, in GOOD WORKING CONDITION, without holes or stains from the list of brands they desire. 
  1. Any articles not meeting the standards as stated above will be donated to charity or you will be asked to pick them up within 5 business days. After 5 business days they will be donated.
  1. No articles left for consignment will be returned except items valued at a resale price of $50 or more! 
  1. If articles are not sold within 6 months, they will be donated to a charity of Minissentials choosing. 
  1. The Consignor will receive 40% of the selling price. The selling price will be determined by Minissentials. 
  1. If Minissentials determines the Consignor’s articles require cleaning, or any type of “fix” before the item can be sold, a Cleaning Fee of not less than 15% of the items sell price will be charged to the Consignor.
  1. The Consignor is eligible to receive payment after items have been sold every 3 months. IF in any given month the consignors articles have reached $200 or more in sales, they will be sent an EMT between the 1st and the 7th of following month.
  1. The Consigner will receive a list of items that sold along with the price they were sold at.
  1. The Consignor is responsible for their own inventory list (template will be emailed to you). At a scheduled drop off time, Minissentials and the Consignor will review the inventory together. 
  1. The Consignors clothing must be dropped off in a bag labeled with the consignors first and last name and email address.
  1. If the consignor pre-labels their merchandise (link to purchase stickers will be emailed to you), they will receive 50% of the selling price for their merchandise. 
  1. All merchandise must be laundered clean, and in wearable/usable condition. If you are unsure if your items are appropriate we can check them out together!
  1. We want to ensure you receive the highest returns on your items! Please don’t be offended if we reject some of your items!
  1. Please ensure you have a minimum of 15 items to consign, unless they are from the following brands; Aviator Nation, Moncler, or Golden Goose in which there are no minimums!
  1. Minissentials has the right to refuse to accept any articles deemed not appropriate for sale.
  1. I know it’s not easy giving your kids clothing away, but just remember that by doing this you’re giving them another loving life (instead of a dark storage bin), and helping to make a positive impact on the environment! 
  1. I look forward to partnering with you, and having you in my showroom! 

Contact Me:

Instagram: @Minissentials


Tel:  647-291-4525

  1. Once I have accepted your appointment, I will ask that you email me acknowledging you agree to the above terms.

See you soon!