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The start of Minissentials

The start of Minissentials

The idea for Minissentials was born naturally when we went a little overboard buying clothes for our first borns. What we came to realize was that less is more, especially when they outgrow everything so quickly! We had new sizes piling up, unworn clothes that they had already outgrown, and pieces that were so difficult to mix and match with. It then hit us-that aha moment! We knew how to solve this problem and help other moms and dads alike. It started with a simple idea, but kept evolving as we continued to put our minds and two very different skill sets together to create this amazing business-our business. We've never felt more empowered and proud and we are so grateful to be supported by our family, friends, and community. 

To us, Minissentials is more than just a clothing delivery service. Our goal is help out our fellow mamas-to be there for you and to support one another. There are so many ups and downs in this journey. If we can help each other out by sharing our tips and tricks for making day-to-day life a little easier, or give you a laugh to make your day a bit brighter than our mission is accomplished! We're so happy you're here to follow along and can't wait to share our journey of motherhood and mompreneurship with you! 


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