Consign with us!


 1.Do you have unwanted clothing  in your child's wardrobe that are in great condition but your kids don't wear them for whatever reason, or they've outgrown it?

2. When shopping or providing secondhand clothing for resale, you’re saving resources and doing the environment a solid favor!

3. For each of your clothing item(s) sold, you will receive 40% of the sell price via E-transfer!


-We strive to ensure you're receiving the most accurate, competitive, and best return on your goods.

- We offer pickup services for 40 items or more, and closet consultation.

- Proven fast rate of sell of your clothing!

- Multiple channels to sell your clothing including weekly instagram drops, established website, a showroom, pop ups, events and more!

-You earn 40% of the sale price for clothing.

-Exclusive consignor perks! Early previews of new inventory, and events! 

- From photography to shipping, we do all the work for you!


1. DM our instagram page @minissentials to let me know you're interested in consigning with us! 

2. Once approved, please provide me with a labelled bag of clothing when you drop off!

3. Payout will be at your convenience from our "request payout" page. Please note, you can only request one payout per month! If you don't wish to request a payout for several months, that's OK too! Whenever you're ready, it's on YOU!

4. I will only accept a minimum of 15 items of clothing. If they are super high end I am OK to take 1 item ( case by case)

5. All clothing and shoes must arrive with a fresh wash! Please do not include items with stains in your bag!

6. I accept certain baby gear and furniture ! You just need to email and title the email GEAR with your name! I will get back to you.

7. Please note, once I receive your inventory, there is a 3-6 month hold period, where your clothing cannot be returned. We do a lot behind the scenes to prepare your item to sell! Between 3-6 months if an item has not sold, a lower price will be offered to customers. After 1 year if your item(s) have not sold, I will ask you to pick up the remaining items or I will donate to a charity on your behalf. 

If you are unsure what clothing is sellable, I offer complimentary 'SELL AND DONATE' sessions! What is that? I come to your home and select the clothing I plan to sell, along with clothing you should donate! (within Toronto) 


Think, your kids trendy and well known brands that are typically higher price point! An item that you paid $40 and up is a good item to consign! An item that you spent $100 and up is a even better item to consign!

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Are you ready to let go? If so, lets partner!

Msg me @minissentials or text me: 647-291-4525